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Work Injury in Ireland

Ferris Wheel Accident Settlement of €16,500 for Girl

At Wexford Circuit Court Judge Alice Doyle has given her approval for a €16,500 personal injury compensation settlement  for a young girl whose hair became caught up in a Ferris wheel In court Jessica Ruane,...

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€10k Compensation for Injury to Cork Road Bowler

Irish international road bowler Sean Kiely, who has appeared at international championships, has been awarded €10,000 personal injury compensation due the injuries that he sustained when he was punched during...

Massive $10.9bn RoundUp Settlement Agreed in US by Bayer

Bayer, the German drugs and pesticides producer has come to an agreement, following over a year of talks, to pay as much as $10.9bn to settle thousands of US-based legal actions taken in connection with users...