Personal Injury Solicitors In Ireland

We acknowledge that the most important word in the phrase “personal injury solicitors” is “personal” and know that if you have been injured in an accident for which you were not totally responsible, the psychological consequences can sometimes be harder to cope with than the actual physical trauma itself.

Even when you have sustained a minor injury, just the fact that you may have restrictive movement can become frustrating, and remaining immobile throughout your recovery often becomes boring. Boredom can lead to restlessness, depression and anxiety and, if you are also concerned about being able to support your family financially, it is understandable if you subsequently get angry.

This is why our personal injury solicitors are not only familiar with current legislation and recent compensation settlements, they also specialise in assisting clients and their loved ones by providing the best impartial and practical advice after a personally traumatic experience.

How Solicitors Can Help You

One of the primary functions of personal injury solicitors is to take away any concerns about future financial security as a result of your accident. If you are temporarily or permanently disabled, we will ensure that the compensation settlement you receive reflects what you would have earned had you still been working.

Although solicitors do not have the powers to return you to full health, we can make certain that you have sufficient funds to pay for carers and specialist medical treatment for as long as it takes for you to make a full recovery, and also that there is enough money to provide care for young children or elderly relatives if necessary.

One other very important role that solicitors fulfil, is to reassure you about professional relationships if you have been injured at work due to your employer’s negligence. Many people are apprehensive about making a personal injury claim against an employer for fear of damaging an existing association or in case they jeopardise future employment prospects. We will put your mind to rest on both these issues.

Procedures and Practicalities

One other area in which personal injury solicitors are of constructive assistance is that of practicalities. We can work with the Gardai, collect evidence from accidents at work or where they have occurred in public areas, liaise with professional experts if your claim revolves around medical negligence and use that information to construct the strongest possible case on your behalf.

As personal injury solicitors, we are able to take over the application and submission of forms to the Injuries Board – ensuring, of course, that every element of your personal injury claim is accounted for – advise you whether the resulting Injuries Board assessment is fair and adequate in respect of your injuries and deal with any counter claims of contributory negligence.

We prepare every personal injury claim as if it were to be argued before a judge and, if litigation is necessary, will represent you in court. However, we also have extensive experience of negotiating with insurance companies – even before the Injuries Board has made its assessment – and always aim for a swift resolution to your personal injury claim.

Contacting our Free Advice Service

IIf you are unsure about how personal injury solicitors can be of benefit to you, you are invited to contact our free legal advice service via the form below and discuss your personal injury claim with one of our experienced solicitors. You will find that our first-hand knowledge of the way in which emotions escalate in times of physical difficulty give us a deeper understanding of the problems you may be experiencing.

There is no obligation on you to proceed with a claim once you have spoken with our personal injury solicitors and, naturally, all conversations between you and us are in the strictest confidence. The advice we offer will be specific to your personal circumstances, so whereas there are many useful articles on our site for your reference, there is no substitution for speaking directly with someone who can provide you with the most relevant and personal information.