Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury Compensation

Can I claim anterior cruciate ligament injury compensation for the knee injury I sustained when handling heavy crates at work?

You may be able to claim anterior cruciate ligament injury compensation if it can be proven that your accident and subsequent injury occurred during the course of your employment and were a result of the negligence of a third party – likely to be your employer, as an employer has a legal duty of care towards their staff to ensure that their working environment is safe. Irish health and safety regulations necessitate that employers provide satisfactory training in manual handling methods and that situations that many pose a threat to someone’s health or safety are avoided whenever possible.

In order to claim anterior cruciate ligament injury compensation, some general procedures should be completed but it must be stressed that your first priority should always be your health. If an ambulance was not summoned, you should have seen a professional medical practitioner immediately after the injury was sustained. Any delay in seeking medical care that is evident from observing the date the injury was sustained and the date your injury was noted in your medical records could justify your anterior cruciate ligament damage claim being challenged to account for your contributory negligence.

In order to support your anterior cruciate ligament injury compensation claim, you should have had your injury recorded in the business’s Accident Report Book, taken pictures of the scene and collected the details of any witnesses who could confirm that your injury was due to your employer’s negligence. If these procedures have not been completed, your solicitor would be able to recommend the correct route to take in your pursuit of anterior cruciate ligament damage compensation.

You would be well advised to discuss the circumstances of your individual anterior cruciate ligament injury compensation claim with an experienced personal injury solicitor in the initial consultation that most solicitors offer without charge. Many employees would be hesitant to commence legal action against their employer as they are anxious of the potentially uncomfortable implications that could manifest without professional legal assistance. However, your solicitor would be able to deal with your claim in a manner which reduces any risk of conflict.