Back Injuries in Accident Claims

How much compensation can be expected for back injuries in accident claims?

Several factors influence how much compensation plaintiffs may receive for back injuries in accident claims. The principle element in such a claim would be the extent and severity of the back injury sustained, and injuries to the back can range from comparatively inconvenient to complete paralysis. A solicitor will consider several other factors when assisting their client make their compensation claim for a back injury in an accident.

Liability, of course, plays a big part in back injuries in accident claims and any dispute over liability should be comprehensively addressed. Even if you were partially at fault for the accident that caused your accident, the amount of compensation you receive will likely be reduced. You can expect a reduction of 25 per cent in any back injury accident compensation settlement if you are recognised as having “contributed” to your injuries because you were not wearing a seatbelt.

Included in compensation for back injuries in accident claims may be how the accident has affected you emotionally – medical professionals agree that almost all people involved in serious accidents are affected by a certain degree of post-traumatic stress disorder. The way your injury has affected your quality of life will also be accounted for – if you can no longer perform everyday tasks without pain, for example, or if you are unable to participate in leisure or social activities that you enjoyed prior to the accident.

Those who pursue back injuries in accident claims may also be reimbursed for any financial expenses they have incurred that can be directly attributed to their injury. Compensation may be sought for loss of earnings, for instance, the use of alternative modes of transport if you can no longer drive and the cost of rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Due to the many variables in back injuries in accident claims, you would be strongly recommended to discuss the circumstances of your case with an experienced personal injury solicitor. Your solicitor would be in a good position to give a preliminary indication of how much back injury accident compensation you may receive, and can assist in the Injuries Board Ireland assessment process. If you are approached by the negligent party’s insurers with an early offer of settlement, your solicitor would be able to advise you whether or not their offer is worth accepting.