Bed Bug Bites in a Hotel

Is it possible to make a claim for bed bug bites in a hotel? The hotel bed was infested with bed bugs and I received bites over most of my body.

It is possible to explain the circumstances under which a claim for bed bug bites in a hotel can be made, although because there are many factors that can influence the right to take legal action in Ireland against a hotel for insect bites, it is important that the case is discussed with a personal injury solicitor to confirm if compensation for hotel bed bug bites can be claimed.

The right to make a claim for damages will be primarily affected by whether the hotel was in Ireland or abroad, the number of bed bug bites you received and the effect they had on your health.

It must also be established that the hotel failed in a duty of care by providing a room which was infested with bed bugs. This would appear to be the case, although the duty of care owed to you by the hotel is not absolute. It is therefore only possible to make an injury claim for bed bug bites if it can be established that the hotel was aware of the infestation and failed to take sufficient actions to eliminate the insects, or the hotel manager should have been aware of the presence of bed bugs and have fumigated the room.

Even if you can prove you received numerous bed bug bites with photographic evidence, compensation for hotel bed bug bites can only be claimed if the bites have been treated by a doctor. Whether it will be worthwhile making claims for bed bug bites from a hotel will depend on the severity of the reaction to the bites. If the bites only caused a few days of discomfort, the level of compensation which can be recovered may not justify a claim being made.

If the bites were sustained in a hotel in Ireland, a claim could be made through the Injuries Board. However, claims for bed bug bites from a hotel in another country could only be made in Ireland if the hotel was booked as part of a package holiday. Only prearranged package holidays are covered by Irish legislation at the present time, and claims for injuries sustained on privately arranged holidays must be made in the country in which the injuries were sustained.

Provided a claim for bed bug bites in a hotel is possible under the circumstances, you would be entitled to damages for the pain and suffering caused and for any health complications which developed as a direct result. You would also be able to recover the cost of treatment and any other expenses incurred due to the injuries when you make your claim.