Big Toe Injury Compensation

Is it possible to claim big toe injury compensation if the injury happened when a four litre bottle of water fell on my foot from a display when I was shopping in a supermarket?

You may be eligible to claim big toe injury compensation if it can be proven that the accident was a result of a third party’s negligence. If your injury was caused by inadequate staff training, or another form of negligence, you may make your big toe damage claim against the supermarket, since supermarkets owe their customers a legal duty of care to provide them with a safe shopping environment. You should be aware, however, that this duty of care is not “absolute”, which means that if supermarket staff were unable to identify the hazard and reinstate stability in a “reasonable” period of time, you would not be able to claim compensation for big toe damage against the supermarket.

Negligence can be proven by undertaking several procedures, but it should be stressed that your health should have been your main priority. Immediately following your accident, your toe should have been examined by a medical professional – first aid administration would not be sufficient, as your medical records should be updated in order to support your big toe damage claim.

Another act that could benefit your big toe compensation claim would be the recording of your injury in the supermarket’s Accident Report Book. Further support to your claim could be given by any witnesses to the accident and footage accessed from CCTV. The images recorded could determine the length of time the hazard had been present and the measures taken by staff members to correct the water bottle’s position.

It is strongly recommended that you discuss your big toe injury compensation claim with an experienced personal injury solicitor at the first possible moment following medical treatment. In the initial consultation that most solicitors offer for free, he or she could assess your claim to establish whether or not it is worth pursuing. Additionally, if you have been approached by the supermarket’s insurers with an early offer of compensation for big toe damage, your solicitor could determine if the amount offered is a fair and reasonable representation of your injury and the affect it has had on your quality of life.