How to Claim for a Broken Femur

Qualifying for Broken Femur Compensation Claims

If you have had the misfortune to break your femur in an accident for which you were not to blame, you may be qualified to make broken femur compensation claims for compensation. In order to claim compensation for a broken femur injury, you have to show that somebody who owed you a duty of care was negligent in their actions – or lack of actions – and that their negligence resulted in you sustaining a broken femur.

Even if you were partly to blame for the accident which resulted in your broken fibula, you may still be able to make claims for broken fibula injury compensation. However, compensation amounts for broken femur injury claims in Ireland are usually reduced to reflect your own lack of care – especially if you made your femur injury worse by not immediately seeking medical attention or by failing to keep out-patient appointments after being discharged from a hospital or clinic.

Broken Femur Claims in Ireland

Most broken femur claims in Ireland have to initially be submitted to the Injuries Board for an assessment of your broken femur compensation claim. The Injuries Board Ireland will organise their own medical examination of your femur injury after obtaining confirmation from the negligent party that they are prepared to accept liability for your broken femur, and then calculate the compensation amount for your broken femur injury claim based on the Book of Quantum and any additional information you have provided to them.

Should you disagree with the Injuries Board Ireland´s calculation of broken femur compensation, you can reject their assessment and be issued with an ”Authorisation” to pursue your broken femur injury claim for compensation in the courts. The negligent party – or, more frequently, their insurance company – also have this right; so, until the Injuries Board Ireland issues an “Order to Pay”, you will not know whether your broken femur claim has been successfully resolved or not.

Compensation Amounts for Broken Femur Claims

Although Injuries Board base their calculations of how much compensation for a broken femur on the guidelines published in the Book of Quantum, compensation amounts for broken femur injury claims can often be much higher. This is because claims for broken femur compensation should also account for the impact that your broken femur has on your quality of life and lack of ability to achieve everyday tasks.

If you are unable to deal with household chores, drive, attend a social event or participate in your regular leisure pursuits because of your broken femur injury, you can include these inconveniences and missed opportunities in your claim for broken femur injury compensation. Indeed, it is recommended that you maintain a diary to record the times when your broken femur prevents you from having a full and active life.

Potential Issues with Broken Femur Injury Claims

There are a number of potential issues with broken femur injury claims in Ireland that can influence how much compensation for a broken femur you receive. The fact that you may have contributed to the cause of your accident or the extent of your femur injury has already been touched upon; but failing to fully complete the assessment form to the Injuries Board Ireland for your femur claim or accepting a direct offer of broken femur compensation from the negligent party´s insurance company – without first undergoing a professional assessment of your broken femur injury claim – may also negatively affect broken femur claims for compensation.

No two broken femur injury compensation claims are identical – even when the nature and severity of the femur injury are the same. Making one mistake in the broken femur injury claims process could leave you inadequately compensated and unable to support your family or pay medical bills, and you may have to return to work quicker than you should. If you accept a broken femur injury compensation settlement which is insufficient for your needs you cannot go back and ask for more and, for this reason, you should always discuss the circumstances of your accident and the nature of your femur injury with an experienced solicitor at the very beginning of the broken femur injury claims process.

Expert Advice about Broken Femur Injury Claims

If you believe that you have sustained a broken femur injury due to the negligence of somebody who owed you a duty of care, and would like a free assessment of your broken femur injury claim for compensation, you are invited to call our helpline on free phone and speak directly with an experienced solicitor who will provide you with expert advice about broken femur injury claims.

Our service is completely free of charge and you are under no obligation to proceed with a broken femur injury claim for compensation once you have spoken with us. However, if we feel that you have a broken femur injury claim which is worth your while to pursue, we will provide you with all the information you need to decide – in your own time – whether making a claim for broken femur injury compensation is something you wish to do.

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