Broken Finger Work Accident Claims

How long will does it take for broken finger work accident claims to be resolved? I have lost a lot of money from not being able to work and I need to claim compensation to cover my bills.

Making broken finger work accident claims to recover compensation is not a quick process, and it typically takes up to a year for cases to be resolved. This does not necessarily mean that you will have to wait a full 12 months to receive damages, as your case may be resolved much more quickly. Even if a quick settlement cannot be reached with your employer’s insurance company, it may be possible to petition the courts to release a percentage of the final compensation amount before your claim has been resolved to help you afford to pay your bills.

Once your case has been prepared and evidence of employer negligence has been collected, an application can be made to the Injuries Board to have your case assessed. When your Claims Forms are received, the Injuries Board will notify your employer and his or her insurance company that a legal claim is being made. Consent must then be given before the Injuries Board will proceed with its assessment of your accident claim for a broken finger at work.

If your employer – and his or her insurance company – agrees to the Injuries Board assessment, your case will be reviewed and compensation amounts will be calculated. This process takes approximately nine months to complete once consent has been given by the respondent. After the assessment has been completed, all parties involved can decide whether to accept or reject the assessment. If all parties are in agreement, an order to pay will be issued and you should receive payment of your compensation a few weeks later.

If consent is given by a respondent to have the Injuries Board assess your claim for breaking a finger an accident at work, it is effectively an acceptance of liability. At this point an application can be made to the courts to release a proportion of compensation to cover essential bills and expenses incurred due to the accident or injury, and your solicitor will make the necessary applications on your behalf.

It may also be possible for your solicitor to negotiate directly with your employer’s insurance company to arrive at a settlement without having to wait for the Injuries Board to complete its assessment. If this is possible, your claim for breaking a finger in an accident at work would be settled more quickly, although a lower amount of compensation may have to be accepted in exchange for an early settlement.

If liability for your injury is not accepted, or if the Injuries Board final assessment is rejected, you will be granted an authorisation to take the claim to court to be decided, which is likely to increase the time taken to resolve your broken finger work accident claims.

Ensuring that a strong case is prepared will increase the likelihood of liability for your injury being accepted, and your accident claim for a broken finger at work being resolved quickly. To ensure the strongest case is prepared, and to maximise the probability of being able to recover your full entitlement to compensation, you should speak with a personal injury solicitor about your case as soon as possible. The sooner the claim is commenced, the sooner you will receive compensation.