Bruise Injury Claims

Is it possible for people to make bruise injury claims and be awarded compensation? I had a very bad fall at work and am unsure whether it would be worth my while claiming compensation against my boss for it.

It is possible to make bruise injury claims against employers, provided that it can be proven the injury was sustained due to a breach in the employer’s legal duty of care. All employers are obliged to provide their employees with a safe working environment and if it can be demonstrated that your injury occurred because of your employer’s negligence you may be able to receive compensation for your bruise injury.

All bruise injury claims for compensation against employers need support and it is important that the correct standard procedures are carried out. Your employer must be made aware of your accident and subsequent injury and details of your accident should be noted in the business’s Accident Report Book as there should be an official record of how the accident happened and how the injuries were sustained.

You should also independently document your injuries by recording the location of the bruise and it would be beneficial if a trusted friend or relative take photographs of your injury as such images can be used to support bruise injury claims. Your bruise should also be examined by a medical practitioner who can professionally evaluate it and can update your medical records.

It is impossible to predict the amount of compensation that may be awarded in bruise injury claims without knowing the extent, location and severity of your bruise, but it must be said that the amount you may receive may not be high, as the pain and suffering caused by such injuries is generally not severe. It is worth noting however, that compensation amounts for bruise injuries will not only be influenced by the seriousness of the injury you have suffered and the pain you have had to bear, but the inconvenience of the injury and any loss of amenity will also be taken into consideration.

You would be strongly advised to discuss the details of your accident and injury with a personal injury solicitor for valuable legal advice on bruise injury claims as soon as your injuries have been treated and noted in the Accident Report Book. Your solicitor could help make deciding whether to pursue the claim easier by giving you a preliminary indication of how much compensation you may receive and advising you on the costs associated with claiming compensation for your bruise injury.