Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensation in Ireland

Cancer misdiagnosis claims for compensation in Ireland are on the increase even though each year more cases of cancer are diagnosed. Detecting cancer when it is in the early stages of development usually means that treatment methods are far more effective. However despite advances in modern technology and medical imaging tests, the misdiagnosis of cancer is also more common. When screening tests for cancer are performed as a matter of course, and a doctor or cancer specialist fails to identify the signs of cancer, you may be entitled to make a cancer misdiagnosis claim for compensation.

A cancer misdiagnosis claim may result in compensation being awarded; however the failure to diagnose cancer can have devastating consequences to a patient which no level of compensation will ever be able to make up for. Cancer misdiagnosis claims are often concerned with ensuring that a patient has the funds available to receive the best possible medical care and that families are compensated for loss of earnings when the victim is no longer able to work- or when cancer is not able to be treated.

Lung Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensation in Ireland

When a doctor makes a lung cancer misdiagnosis, it may be possible to make a claim for lung cancer misdiagnosis compensation depending on the circumstances of the misdiagnosis. A lung cancer misdiagnosis compensation claim may also be possible if a lung cancer misdiagnosis has resulted in a patient believing that cancer is present when it is not. When this happens, a patient is usually too relieved to make a lung cancer misdiagnosis claim for compensation; but a claim for lung cancer misdiagnosis may still be possible; especially if the patient has suffered mental health problems due to believing they have cancer, or when they have left their job as a result and have lost earnings.

Breast Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensation in Ireland

With such modern screening technology available, breast cancer misdiagnosis in Ireland is surprisingly common – especially in younger women when breast cancer is not expected to be present. The age of a patient may well be the primary reason for a breast cancer misdiagnosis, even when the signs and symptoms of breast cancer are clearly present. Unfortunately, breast cancer in younger women tends to be more aggressive and a breast cancer misdiagnosis can have devastating consequences to a patient. Breast cancer misdiagnosis compensation is one of the leading reasons why cancer misdiagnosis claims are made in Ireland.

Misdiagnosis of Other Cancers

Cervical cancer and bowel cancer are commonly misdiagnosed especially in adults under the age of 50, when cancer is much less likely expected to be the cause of health problems. Even though the age of a patient is the most common reason why a cancer misdiagnosis occurs, the appropriate medical tests and cancer screening programs should still be conducted if the symptoms of a patient suggest that cancer may be the cause. When a doctor fails to arrange the appropriate tests, and a cancer misdiagnosis results, claims for cancer misdiagnosis compensation are usually possible in Ireland.

Speak to an Experienced Solicitor About Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims for Compensation

Making a compensation claim for cancer misdiagnosis always requires the services of a medical negligence solicitor with experience in making compensation claims for cancer misdiagnosis. As with all medical negligence claims, a cancer misdiagnosis claim for compensation is required to go through the Irish court system if no negotiated settlement can be agreed, and it is therefore advantageous to your cancer misdiagnosis claim to use the services of a specialist medical negligence solicitor.

A claim for cancer misdiagnosis compensation needs to be thoroughly investigated, and medical experts will need to be consulted to prove that a cancer misdiagnosis was due to the negligence of a doctor, and that a competent doctor would not have made a cancer misdiagnosis under the same circumstances. A solicitor with experience in cancer misdiagnosis claims will be aware of the best medical experts to consult to help substantiate a cancer misdiagnosis claim for compensation in Ireland.

For free legal advice on making a cancer misdiagnosis claim for compensation in Ireland, and for a free assessment of your eligibility to claim, you should call our cancer misdiagnosis helpline for advice. Our helpline is open 24 hours a day.