Claim for a Torn Cartilage Injury

Is it possible for a furniture delivery person to claim for a torn cartilage injury? I was recently injured at work by large sofa which fell on my leg as I was loading it onto the back of a truck. I was immediately rushed to hospital where after several tests I was told that I will not be able to return to work until sometime next year. Am I eligible to claim compensation?

You may be entitled to claim for a torn cartilage injury if you can prove that someone other than yourself was at fault for the accident. In your case, this is most likely to be your employer. All employers have a duty of care towards their staff, and you must be able to prove that yours failed in their duty of care before being able to pursue a claim for compensation. This may be the case even when a co-worker is directly responsible for your injury.

You may be entitled to claim for a torn cartilage injury if you can prove that your employers failed to implement proper safety measures or failed to provide the proper equipment needed to carry out the job. Failure to adhere to proper manual handling protocol can sometimes lead to injuries at the workplace. Many employers are obliged to ensure that their employees are fully compliant in the latest manual handling training. If this is the case you should speak with an injury claims solicitor at the first possible opportunity.

A trained injury claims solicitor will be able to tell you whether or not you are entitled to compensation and if so, how much you could be awarded. Aside from the possibility of being awarded for the pain and suffering you are enduring as a result of your injury, it may also be possible to be compensated for the loss of earnings and amenity – the ability to perform everyday tasks and pursue leisure activities – which you are likely to incur.

Speaking to a trained solicitor as soon as possible will help you to maximise your chances of being awarded the largest possible claim for a torn cartilage injury and should be done at the soonest available opportunity.