Claim for an Accident in a Fast Food Restaurant

I was recently injured by a falling sign that had been mounted on one of the interior walls at a fast food restaurant I was visiting. The falling sign cut my head, leaving me needing stitches. Is it possible to claim for an accident in a fast food restaurant?

Whether or not you are entitled to claim for an accident in a fast food restaurant depends on who was at fault for your injury. If the signage that caused your injury was not mounted properly or was in disrepair, the fast food restaurant’s management may be able to be held responsible, meaning that you may be entitled to claim for compensation. If you contributed to your own injury by fiddling with the sign, causing it to fall, you may be deemed to be responsible or partly responsible for what happened.

If you have not already had your injuries examined by a medical professional you should do so immediately. Ideally, you would have had your injury treated by a doctor at the nearest hospital’s Accident and Emergency immediately after it was sustained. It is important to note that note that receiving first aid treatment or none at all can disqualify you from being able to claim compensation. A full medical report of your injury, which is only obtainable through a visit to the hospital, will be requested if the negligent party is to pay out.

You should have also made a note in the restaurant’s Accident Report Book. This can also be used as evidence to strengthen your claim for compensation. Witness statements should have been taken from anyone who was with you or saw what happened – if you have not already spoken to witnesses it is not too late to so, although you should do so at the earliest possible opportunity as memories tend to fade over time.

Your solicitor will be able to provide a more detailed explanation of the procedures involved in putting together the best possible claim for compensation. As mentioned above, you can speak with a solicitor regarding your claim for an accident in a fast food restaurant with a legal professional on our freephone advice service.