Claim for an Accident That Causes Injury at a Funfair

After recently injuring myself on a day out at a funfair with my friends I have decided to pursue compensation; however I am unsure whether I qualify. Is it possible to claim for an accident which causes injury at a funfair?

It is possible to claim for compensation for an accident that causes injury at a funfair provided the injury sustained was the fault of the funfair’s operators or staff and not yours. Despite being a place where visitors sometimes expect to encounter a certain element of danger – considering the nature and purpose of some of the attractions – funfairs have the same obligation and duty of care toward their visitors as most other business operators and claiming for an accident which happened on its premises is as feasible as with any other.

Immediately after sustaining the injury you should have sought medical attention – being treated at a first aid tent or tending to it yourself is not sufficient, the injury must have been treated by a medical professional at the nearest hospital’s Accident and Emergency department. The medical report that would have been issued if you visited the hospital is vital to the success of your claim for an accident which causes injury at a funfair. If a record of your injury is not accessible, you may not be able to pursue a claim for compensation.

As the accident happened at a funfair, a place where large crowds are the norm, the chances are that somebody else saw what happened. You should have taken statements from them at the time; however, if you did not either because you were incapacitated or because you never considered it, it is not too late to take statements from your friends who were with you at the time. This should be done as quickly as possible as memories tend to fade over time.

It is likely that the funfair’s operators keep a record of all of the accidents that occur on their premises in an Accident Report Book. If you submitted an entry, you should return to the funfair and ask to be given a copy. This, along with the medical report, can be used to ensure that your claim for compensation proceeds unhindered.

To learn more about how to claim for an accident that causes an injury at a funfair, speak with a personal injury compensation solicitor immediately.