Claim for an Eyebrow Injury

Is it possible to claim for an eyebrow injury? I was recently left scarred after sustaining burns while receiving an eyebrow waxing treatment at a local beauty salon and am interested in claiming compensation. Am I eligible? And if so, how much compensation am I entitled to?

It is possible to claim for an eyebrow injury, although before being eligible you will have to prove that someone other than yourself was at least partially responsible for your accident. In your case, this would be the beauty salon at which the treatment was administered. Beauty salons, like other businesses, have a duty of care towards their customers, meaning that they may be able to be held accountable for an accident that happens on their premises.

Before proving that the beauty salon was at fault for your accident it is important to ensure that your injury was properly treated – this means either making a visit to the local hospital’s Accident and Emergency department or making an appointment to visit your GP. In most cases common sense prevails and accident victims make their way to hospital immediately after the incident takes place. Not attending hospital immediately after an accident may endanger your entitlement to compensation as it may allow the party responsible for your injury to claim that your injury was not serious enough to warrant a visit to the hospital or that you exacerbated it through inaction.

In order to prove that the beauty salon was at fault for your injury you will have to gather evidence – witness statements from staff or fellow customers who saw what happened, photographic evidence of the injury and the scene and CCTV footage may help to advance your claim for compensation. Any reports of the accident, perhaps made in the business’ Accident Report Book, may also serve as valuable evidence.

The amount of compensation you may receive for your claim for an eyebrow injury depends on a number of factors, with the permanency of the scar being one of them. The amount of compensation you may receive will be calculated by your solicitor by taking a number of variables into account: your age, gender and prior state of physical health being among the most pertinent. You may also be able to be compensated for any psychological damage – though this has to be quantified by a psychologist – and any loss of amenity – the inability to perform day-to-day tasks or enjoy leisure pursuits. You may also be able to be reimbursed for any quantifiable expenses incurred as result of the injury. These, included in the special damages portion of your award, can include your medical bills, and if applicable, any loss of earnings.

No matter what type of injury has been sustained, pursuing compensation is always easier with the help of an experienced injury claims solicitor. In order to pursue your claim for an eyebrow injury and have the best chance of succeeding you should speak to one as soon as possible.