Claim for an Injury from a Broken Chair in a Restaurant

I was recently injured while eating out at a restaurant in the city centre and am interested in claiming compensation. I was enjoying a meal with my wife when my chair collapsed from under me, causing me to fall to the floor and sprain my wrist. Am I entitled to claim for an injury from a broken chair in a restaurant? How much compensation could I be awarded?

Whether or not a person is entitled to claim for personal injury compensation depends on whether or not someone else was responsible for inflicting their injury. In your case, if the chair collapsed because it unstable or otherwise unsuitable to be used to accommodate a customer, you may be entitled to compensation. It is worth noting however that if you are found to be in some way liable for your accident, you may be forced to forfeit a portion or all of your settlement.

Although it may not be possible to be compensated for the disappointment of missing out on a meal with your partner or the embarrassment of falling over in a restaurant, you may be able to recoup cash from your claim for an injury from a broken chair in a restaurant which will might enable you to pay your any medical bills incurred as a result of your sprained wrist, as well as any other quantifiable damages. Psychological trauma and any loss of amenity – the inability to perform any everyday tasks or enjoy leisure activities – can also be included as part of a compensation settlement.

To find out how much compensation you may be entitled to, make an appointment to see a solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity. Your solicitor will be able to tell you how much compensation you are eligible to receive based on a number of factors including the nature and extent of your injuries, your age and gender, and their permanency – the amount of time you are likely to spend suffering with them. Your solicitor provide you with an estimate as to how much compensation you could receive based on the rules included in the Guidelines for the Assessment of Damages in Personal Injury Cases.

To find out more about your claim for an injury from a broken chair in a restaurant speak with a solicitor at your earliest convenience – as mentioned above, you can do so by availing of our freephone advice service.