Claim for an Injury in an Accident in a Public Park

Is it possible to claim for an injury in an accident in a public park? One day a couple of weeks ago I was playing with my children in the local park, when all of a sudden I tripped over a drainage pipe that ran through the middle of the field. I sprained my wrist as a result of the fall and am now considering taking action.

It is possible to claim for an injury in an accident in a public park, provided the injury was not your fault and someone else was to blame. In order to claim compensation you must first be able to prove that a negligent third party was at fault for your accident – in this case, the negligent party would be whoever is responsible for maintenance in the park, which in many cases is the local council.

As the accident happened a few weeks ago it is likely that you have already sought medical attention. Seeking medical attention immediately after sustaining an injury – whether this means summoning an ambulance or making your way to the nearest hospital’s Accident and Emergency department – is imperative to being able to make a successful claim. The medical report issued after you have received medical attention will serve as proof that the injury occurred and that it was treated correctly. If you have not sought medical attention you should do so immediately by making an appointment with your family GP or visiting A&E.

You should also have taken the names and contact details of anyone who saw what happened and photographic evidence may also be useful. As well as photographing the injury you sustained, you should also make sure to take pictures of the scene. These will help to determine whether the scene was safe and if the council failed in their duty of care toward the park’s visitors. Photos could be especially important in your case as the field could be an inappropriate place through which to run a drainage pipe and could well have been masked by the grass or not highlighted by signage.

For a more detailed and personal answer as to whether you can claim for an injury in an accident in a public park, speak with a solicitor at the first available opportunity.