Claim for an Injury to my Ear

Is it possible for me to claim for an injury to my ear? I suffered a laceration to my ear recently when I was playing with a friend’s cat and although I didn’t think much of it at the time it has become problematic since. I am hesitant to pursue a claim against my friend but I can’t afford to pay my medical bills. Am I entitled to claim for compensation?

“How do I claim for an injury to my ear?” You may be entitled to pursue compensation if you can prove that it was your friend’s negligence which led to your injuries. Although it may be hard to see where poor judgement on the part of your friend would factor into your accident, they own the animal and are responsible for its conduct. If the cat with which you were playing has a history of aggression, your friend may be able to be held responsible.

It is important to note that a claim can only be followed through on if your friend hold’s insurance for the animal or it is covered by a household policy.

Claimants asking “How do I claim for an injury to my ear?” should know that there are a set list of procedures that should be followed in order to maximise their chance of being awarded compensation. Although you have already received medical treatment for your injuries, you should have done so at the first possible opportunity and not waited until it had become problematic. Not receiving medical attention immediately after being injured can endanger an accident victim’s claim for compensation. If it is found that you contributed to your injury by not having it treated at the first possible opportunity you may be forced to forfeit some of your settlement.

You should also attempt to collect statements from any witnesses who saw what happened, as well as photographic evidence of the injuries, and if possible any CCTV footage of the incident. You should also report the incident to the police, who may be able to tell you if the cat had been involved in similar incidents in the past.

It is understandable that pursuing a claim against your friend may be undesirable and you may have concerns regarding the future of the friendship if you proceed, however it is important to remember that you are taking the claim against his insurance policy and not him personally. There is also the chance that your friend may be willing to help you fund your medical treatment without the need to go to court.

Whether the case involves animals or not, an injury victim should always contact a solicitor as soon as possible. Potential claimants asking the question “How do I claim for an injury to my ear?” should speak to an experienced injury claims solicitor at the first possible opportunity.