Claim for Cutting a Hand on Broken Glass in a Pub

I am looking to find out if I am eligible to claim for cutting a hand on broken glass in a pub. Recently I lacerated my left hand as a result of broken glass that was left at the bar of a pub – I am not sure who by. Since the accident I have been in severe pain as the wound crosses my entire palm, meaning that when I move my hand it becomes aggravated. Although I am fond of the pub and visit often, I feel that I deserve to be compensated for my injuries.

Your eligibility for compensation depends on who is at fault for the injury. If the glass was left at the bar by a member of staff or by another customer they may be judged to be at fault for your injuries as leaving glass at the bar could be perceived as a lack of care. If your negligence is found to be responsible or to have contributed to your accident, you may not be able to claim for compensation, or in the event that you are, your settlement may be reduced in order to reflect your own carelessness.

It is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible after an injury. Your claim for cutting a hand on broken glass in a pub may depend on your ability to produce a medical report with details of your injury, a document that is only obtainable by visiting a hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department. Although you may have been offered first aid by the pub’s staff at the time of your injury, this will not deemed sufficient evidence if the claim goes to court. You mentioned in your question that the wound becomes more painful when you move it – try not to exacerbate the injury as the pub’s management may claim in court that you made your injury worse by aggravating it.

It is worth noting at this point that your claim may not necessarily have to go to court – understandably the idea of engaging in litigation with the management of a pub you visit often is not your preferred option. Organising an out-of-court settlement may be possible.

First though, you must speak with a solicitor about your claim. Once you have visited a solicitor – many of whom offer free initial consultations – you will be more informed on the subject. You can speak with a solicitor about your claim for cutting a hand on broken glass in a pub by utilising our freephone advice service.