Claim for Falling on Wet Stairs in a Pub

I recently twisted my ankle while on a night out with friends and am considering a claim for falling on wet stairs in a pub. I am unable to afford my medical bills and although I enjoy visiting the pub where I was injured, I need to claim compensation in order to pay for my treatment. Am I eligible to claim compensation?

The first step in pursuing a claim for compensation is establishing negligence. In order to be able to claim for your injury someone else must have been at fault. In your case, this would be the pub. For the pub to be found to have been at fault for your injury its management must be able to be shown to have failed in its duty of care to you, one of its patrons. If the pool of water in which you slipped was caused by one of the pub’s staff or another patron and the pub did not take adequate measures to ensure that it is dealt with in a timely manner, you may be entitled to compensation. If however, you contributed to your own injuries you could be liable to pay some or all of your medical bills.

As you mentioned in your question you are unable to pay your medical bills – this being the reason you gave for pursuing a claim for falling on wet stairs in a pub. If a budget is your issue you may also be open to a different, more cost effective way of funding your claim for compensation.