Claim for a Hospital Patient with Bed Sores

After conducting some research on the internet, I found out that in order to claim for a hospital patient with bed sores it is necessary to prove negligence. Is having multiple bed sores enough proof of negligence by itself?

If you have developed multiple bed sores while in hospital, there is a strong probability that you will be entitled to make a claim for a hospital patient with bed sores. The fact that you have multiple bed sores certainly suggests that they resulted from negligence; as if multiple bed sores have been allowed to develop it is unlikely that you have been provided with a reasonable amount of nursing care.

In order for a credible bed sores compensation claim to be prepared, it must be possible to prove that your bed sores resulted from the negligence of the nurses or doctors. Bed sores can develop in spite of the best efforts of nurses, and under the circumstances it may not have been reasonable for the hospital staff to have prevented your injuries.

Your medical records – and photographs of your bed sores – can therefore only be used as proof of injury, not as proof of negligence. To obtain proof of negligence to support claims for bed sores in a hospital you will need to enlist the services of a medical negligence solicitor. A solicitor will contact all parties potentially at fault to find out how you were allowed to get bed sores, and if it is possible to make claims for bed sores in a hospital under the circumstances.

If you have not already made an official complaint to the HSE – or the hospital manager if you were in a private hospital – a solicitor will do this for you. The HSE will also conduct an investigation into how multiple bed sores were allowed to develop.

After your solicitor has received responses from the hospital staff, and the HSE or private hospital has conducted its investigation, the case will be passed to an independent medical expert to be reviewed. Only a medical professional can confirm that the actions – or inaction – of nurses and doctors constituted medical negligence in a bed sores compensation claim.

Once your case has been reviewed, you will be informed if you are within your rights to claim hospital bed sore compensation and, if you have a valid claim, your solicitor will calculate how much compensation for hospital bed sores you will be entitled to receive.

Once you have been informed about the strength of your hospital bed sore compensation claim and you are aware of how much compensation you can recover, you can then make an informed decision about whether it will be worth your while to pursue a claim for a hospital patient with bed sores.