Claim for Slipping on Grape in Supermarket

Can I claim for slipping on grape in supermarket even when the object was so small?

As long as it can be demonstrated that your injury was attributable to the negligence of the supermarket management or staff you should be able to claim for slipping on grape in supermarket. However, without legal assistance, it may be difficult to determine the length of time the grape had been in its hazardous position and where it came from.

Although supermarkets have a duty of care to provide their customers with a safe shopping environment, this obligation is not “absolute”, meaning that if you had slipped on the grape which had only seconds before fallen out of another shopper’s trolley, it would not be reasonable to accuse the supermarket of negligence and claim that they are responsible for your injuries.

However, you would more than likely be able to claim compensation for slip on supermarket grape injury if it can be proven that the grape had been present on the floor for an unacceptable period of time or if grapes were found to be a frequent cause of injury in the supermarket.

The most effective way of establishing that negligence was the cause of your injury is by discussing your claim for slipping on grape in supermarket with a solicitor. A solicitor will be able to investigate whether similar claims have been made in the same supermarket in the past and can access footage captured on CCTV to indicate how long the hazard existed and the length of time the supermarket staff had to recognise the grape as a hazard and eliminate it.

If the supermarket in question acknowledges their liability and you are approached with an early offer of slip on grape in supermarket compensation, you would be well advised to refer it to an experienced solicitor. In the free initial consultation – which most solicitors offer – your solicitor could assess your compensation for slip on supermarket grape injury and would be able to give a preliminary indication of how much compensation you should qualify for.

Though unsolicited offers from supermarkets – or their insurers- may be fair and reasonable, you should bear in mind that all claims should encompass a number of elements, not least for the pain and suffering you experienced at the time of the accident, but for the way your injury has affected your qualify of life, for any quantifiable psychological trauma and for costs and expenses that you may have incurred as a direct result of your injury.

The genuine amount of slip on grape in supermarket compensation that you are eligible for may therefore be significantly more that you would receive for the physical injury alone. You would be strongly recommended to speak with a solicitor at the first moment possible, not only to discover how much compensation you may receive in the event that your claim for slipping on grape in supermarket is successful, but also before witness memories fade or footage recorded on security tapes are erased and evidence of the supermarket’s negligence is lost forever.