Claim for Soft Tissue Bruising from Slipping on a Wet Floor

Is it possible to claim for soft tissue bruising from slipping on a wet floor? I was injured recently after slipping on a puddle of soapy water at a local laundrette. Not being able to stand up on my own, I was escorted to an ambulance by two members of staff. Although I visit the laundrette often and know many of the staff personally, I still feel that I am entitled to be compensated for my injuries. Am I eligible to claim for compensation?

Whether or not you are entitled to claim for soft tissue bruising on a wet floor depends on whether the injury was your fault or that of a negligent third party. If the injury was caused by an oversight by a member of staff or management – or even in some cases another patron – you may be entitled to claim for compensation. If the puddle of soapy water on which you slipped was resting there for a significant period of time, the laundrette may be able to be held responsible for your injury as they may be found to have failed in their duty or care towards one of their customers.

Understandably, it may be difficult for you to claim for soft tissue bruising from slipping on a wet floor against the laundrette, seeing as you are familiar with many of their staff. It is important to remember however, that many businesses take precautions to protect against incidents such as these, and that it is likely that your claim will be made against the laundrette’s insurance company and not against the business or its staff.

Soft tissue injuries are commonly associated with sports, although they are also known to happen to people going about their daily lives as in your case. The severity of your injury may impact the amount of compensation that you are awarded. Soft tissue injuries are sometimes divided into three categories: first degree or mild injury; where a mild stretch of the ligaments or capsular structure causes slight pain and swelling; second degree or moderate injury; a moderate stretch with moderate swelling; and third degree or severe injury; where severe swelling can often lead to an impairment of ligament function.

To find out whether you are entitled to compensation, speak with an experienced injury claims solicitor at the first possible opportunity. An experienced solicitor will be able to evaluate your claim on its merits and tell you if you are entitled to compensation – and if so, may be able to provide you with an estimation of how much may be awarded for your claim for soft tissue bruising from slipping on a wet floor.