Claim for Tripping Over Loose Carpet in an Office

I tripped and fell at work, badly injuring my ankle. I believe my employer is responsible for my injury but I’m worried that I could jeopardise my position within the company by claiming compensation for tripping over loose carpet in an office. Could this happen?

It is quite common for employees to feel apprehensive about claiming compensation for tripping over loose carpet in an office, many worry about how it will affect their position within the company and their future work prospects as well as how they will be view by management and other colleagues. However, it is important to remember that your employer is responsible for the safety of their staff and if they fail in their duty of care to provide you with a safe working environment, either through a lack of knowledge of health and safety requirements or from budget constraints you may be entitled to claim compensation for tripping over loose carpet in an office.

Generally employers are very upset when one of their staff is injured at work and you should be aware that any compensation claim you make will be against your employer’s insurance company and not your employer, it is also highly unlikely that you will end up facing your employer in court as claims of this nature are often resolved before that stage is reached. You must also bear in mind that Irish law states that there should be no ramifications for any employee who rightly makes a personal injury compensation claim.

To ensure you build a strong claim you should begin gathering evidence without delay, presuming of course that you have already received professional medical care. CCTV footage of the accident, testimonies of people who saw you fall, as well as photographs of the loose carpet are all factors that could be used to substantiate your compensation claim. It may also be worth your while speaking with colleagues to investigate if they noticed that the carpet was loose prior to your accident.

You will need to prove that the carpet was loose for a substantial period of time and that your employer had time to repair it before you fell. If the carpet became loose just prior to your accident you may not be eligible to claim compensation for tripping over loose carpet in an office, therefore it is recommended that you speak with an experienced personal injury solicitor without delay as they will be able to best advise if it is worthwhile pursuing a compensation claim, taking all factors into account.