Claims for Bruised Ribs

Can you tell me if it is possible to make claims for bruised ribs from a car accident, or is it only possible to claim injury compensation for broken ribs?

Many accident victims do not make claims for bruised ribs in the belief that the injury does not warrant a claim for compensation. However, provided you sustained your rib injuries in an accident which resulted from negligence of a third party who owed you a duty of care, it should be possible to make claims for bruised ribs to recover compensation for pain, suffering and loss due to the accident and injury.

Although a broken rib is usually more serious than bruises, the pain and suffering caused by both injuries can be similar. Badly bruised ribs can cause significant pain and can seriously restrict movement and even breathing can cause considerable discomfort. The pain from badly bruised ribs can be constant, which can seriously affect the ability to perform simple everyday tasks.

When compensation for bruised ribs is claimed, a significant proportion of general damages will cover loss of amenity and the deterioration in your quality of life suffered while you recover from your injuries. The amount of compensation that will be awarded under general damages will depend of the seriousness and extent of the bruising to your ribs and how the injuries have affected you.

Even if the bruising to your ribs was not severe, it does not mean that a compensation claim for rib injuries will not be worthwhile pursuing. A car accident will have involved you incurring expenses such as the cost of repair of your car or replacement of your vehicle if repairs cannot be made. Until your car is replaced or back on the road and you are fit to drive, you will also incur travel expenses.

All of these expenses can be directly linked to the accident, and can therefore be included in a compensation claim for rib injuries under special damages. The purpose of a claim for special damages is to ensure that you are not placed in a worse position financially as the result of an accident. All costs incurred as a result of either the accident or injury should be recoverable, including any shortfall in earnings if you have been unable to work and do not receive full sick pay and work benefits.

It is important that you seek legal advice about claiming compensation for bruised ribs from an experienced personal injury solicitor, not only to have your right to claim for a personal injury confirmed, but also to receive legal advice specific to your own circumstances. There are a number of procedures which must be completed before a claim can be commenced, and a solicitor will advise you accordingly of the actions which must be taken before a claim can be commenced.