Compensation for Slipping on Milk in an Office Kitchen

I broke my wrist after falling in work and I believe my employer may be responsible. What are the steps to claim compensation for slipping on milk in an office kitchen?

Your first priority before pursuing compensation for slipping on milk in an office kitchen, must be your health. It is imperative that you seek immediate professional medical care, not only are you protecting your health but you are putting yourself in a strong position to pursue compensation as there will be a medical record of the injuries you sustained in the accident which you can use to support your claim.

Once you have visited a doctor or GP, it is recommended that you speak with a personal injury solicitor. In order to successfully claim compensation for slipping on milk in an office kitchen, you must demonstrate that your employer’s negligence resulted in the accident. Employers are responsible for the safety of their staff at work that includes ensuring the kitchen is free from hazards. Your solicitor will likely advise you on evidence that could be used to support your compensation claim. A rota showing the time when the kitchen was last cleaned and how frequently it is cleaned could be very useful along with testimonies from people who saw the accident, CCTV footage of the incident and any photographs of the scene of the accident. It is also recommended that you record the incident in your employer’s ‘Accident Report Book’.

Once you have made that entry, you may be contacted by your employer’s insurance company. It is often the case that insurers stipulate in the contract with the policyholder that they must be informed of any incident recorded in the ‘Accident Report Book’.

If they believe they are liable for your injuries, they may approach you with a direct offer of compensation in return for an early settlement. You must be vigilant in this instance as accepting a direct offer of compensation could leave you exposed to the risk of being undercompensated for your injuries. It is strongly advised that you refer any such offer to your personal injury solicitor as they will be able to evaluate your claim based on the circumstances surrounding your injury and calculate the amount of compensation for slipping on milk in an office kitchen you are entitled to, before advising accordingly.