Compensation for Tripping in an Office Reception Area

How do I successfully claim compensation for tripping in an office reception area if nobody saw the accident?

In order to successfully claim compensation for tripping in an office reception area, you must have substantial evidence to prove that your employer is responsible for the accident in which you sustained your injuries. To ensure your claim is not jeopardised, you should seek prompt professional medical attention as it is unlikely your claim for compensation will be successful if there is no record of the injury in your medical history. It will also prevent the negligent party’s insurers from arguing that you may have exacerbated your injury by not visiting a doctor or GP in the immediate aftermath of your accident.

You are advised to speak with a personal injury solicitor once you have received adequate medical attention as they will be able to evaluate your claim based on the circumstances of your injury and calculate the potential value of your compensation for tripping in an office reception area. This will especially be useful if the employer’s insurance company approach you with a direct offer of compensation for your injuries.

Direct offers of compensation usually occur early in the claims process, sometimes even before the claimant has decided to pursue a claim. You are advised to be wary of any such offer of compensation and refer it to a personal injury solicitor as insurance companies do not have your best interests at heart and generally will attempt to limit the amount of compensation they pay out for an injury. It is also unlikely they will have carried out a full assessment of your injuries and therefore the amount of compensation you are offered could be much less than the potential amount calculated by your solicitor.

If you are pursuing compensation, your solicitor will send a ‘Letter of Claim’ to insurance company informing them of your intention, the insurers then have 21 days to acknowledge the letter and a further 90 days to indicate whether they accept responsibility for your injuries. If they agree that they are liable, your solicitor will enter into negotiations with them allowing you to successfully claim compensation for tripping in an office reception area. If they do not agree, your solicitor will initiate court action once you approve.