Concussion Compensation Claims

Can victims of accidents still make concussion compensation claims even when it takes some time for them to realise they are suffering from the condition? It took me three weeks to visit the doctor with the symptoms I was experiencing, which have subsequently worsened, and now I cannot perform even simple, everyday tasks.

It may still be possible for accident victims to make concussion compensation claims; although any delay in seeking medical attention has the strong potential to complicate matters. You should really have been examined by a professional medical practitioner as soon as you sustained your head injury, since symptoms of brain injuries do not always manifest straight away. As in your case, some people experience symptoms after the concussion which can lead to a wide variety of incapacitating effects.

Concussion compensation claims may find success if the accident which caused the injury was due to a breach of someone who owed the victim a duty of care, an employer, for example, the owner of a business establishment or a motorist – who neglected to take the necessary safety measures to prevent an accident. Therefore, you have grounds for making a compensation claim for concussion if your injury is proven to have been caused by a third party’s negligence.

You should be aware however; that the final settlement in concussion compensation claims may be reduced if the victim is found to have contributed to the deterioration of their condition by failing to be treated medically immediately after the accident occurred. Your overall compensation for concussion injury may be accordingly reduced, if this were to be the case in your situation and if you were consequently assigned a degree of responsibility.

Nonetheless, that is not to say that concussion compensation claims which contain the issue of contributory negligence do not result in a disagreeable amount of compensation. You may still receive an adequate settlement for your claim that will account for your loss of amenity – relating to your inability to perform day-to-day tasks – not to mention a reimbursement of any quantifiable financial expenses you have incurred. You would be strongly advised to discuss the circumstances of your individual case with an experienced personal injury solicitor without hesitation, who can expertly evaluate and determine the viability of your claim.