Cut Finger Claims

How much does the Injuries Board usually assess for cut finger claims? I submitted a claim to the Board following an accident at work for which I employer admitted liability but the assessment of the amount of compensation for my cut finger injury seems rather low.

It is impossible to accurately determine how much compensation can be given for cut finger claims without conducting an evaluation on your individual claim for cut finger compensation. Each compensation claim should be based on its own individual merits, and the injuries Board will have calculated your assessment as regards the information that was given to them at the time when you submitted your compensation for assessment and on the details of your independent medical examination.

The Injuries Board only calculate the amount of compensation plaintiffs are eligible for based on the medical facts of their cut finger claims according to the compensation for cut finger figures published in the Book of Quantum in relation to their age, general state of health prior to the accident and sex and cannot consider any other issues unless they have been adequately presented in the plaintiff’s application for assessment.

For instance, “loss of amenity” – which refers to how an injury has affected the victim’s day to day life and their participation in social or leisure activities, is a vital element in any cut finger claims. Due to the nature of some injuries to fingers, this element can actually represent a significant portion of an injured finger claim for compensation.

Compensation for cut finger claims may also include any negative effect the injury has had on the accident victim’s emotional well-being. If the symptoms of any psychological trauma did not manifest until after the application for assessment was submitted, the Injuries Board would not have included this element in their assessment for cut finger compensation.

It is strongly advised you speak with a cut finger claims solicitor as soon as possible as unless you undergo an evaluation of your injury and its consequences, it is unlikely that you will ever be sure that the Injuries Board assessment adequately reflects the true extent of your injury. Your solicitor will advise you whether to accept the Injury Board Ireland´s assessment or to pursue your cut finger compensation claim by other means once you have discussed the circumstances of your injured finger claim and the consequences that the injury has had on your quality of life.