Cut Tendon on Hand Compensation Claims

How much compensation do people usually get for cut tendon on hand compensation claims? I was hurt at work and my employer’s insurance company has made me an offer but I’m not sure whether I should accept it.

The amount of compensation awarded in cut tendon on hand compensation claims depends on many factors and cannot be estimated without a full evaluation of the individual case. Compensation should not only be given for the physical injury and the victim’s pain and suffering but for a number of different elements and it is impractical for the employer’s insurers to calculate the amount of compensation an accident victim should receive without bearing reference to your individual circumstances. You should, therefore, refer the compensation offer to an experienced solicitor as soon as possible.

The first factor a solicitor will address when preparing cut tendon on hand compensation claims would be the severity of the injury in relation to their client’s age, sex and general state of health prior to the accident. Also included in the compensation for cut tendon on hand claim should be the matter of how the injury has affected your quality of life due to your inability to use your hand and consideration will also be given to any psychological trauma that can be attributed to the accident and injury.

Financial expenses incurred due to the accident such as loss of income, promotion prospects and pension contributions and overtime may be recovered in a compensation claim for a cut hand tendon. Your solicitor will also investigate the circumstances of your accident to see if you could possibly have contributed to your own injury in any way, as the final amount of compensation awarded will have to allow for such complications.

Engaging a solicitor who can organise a full evaluation of cut tendon on hand compensation claims would be your best opportunity for being awarded with the amount of compensation you are truly entitled too. Your solicitor can determine whether or not the offer made by your employer’s insurance company sufficiently represents the extent of your injury and how it has affected your daily life. If your solicitor recommends pursuing legal action, he or she can ensure that the case prepared is as comprehensive as it can possibly be.