Ear Laceration Injury Claims

Can people make ear laceration injury claims after they have been bitten by a dog belonging to their friend when playing with it?

It is possible for people to make ear laceration injury claims provided that it can be proven that the owner of the dog has acted negligently. For instance, if the injury could have been completely avoided if it the dog had been wearing a muzzle, or if the dog has a history of aggression but the owner still allowed it to interact with humans. However, you should be aware that a claim for ear laceration damage can only be made if your friend is covered by a household insurance policy or has owner’s insurance.

An essential component of any ear laceration injury claims is that the accident victim sought immediate medical treatment following the accident, not only to have the injury professional cared for but to have the date and details documented in the victim’s medical history to act as evidence that the accident did indeed take place.

To further support ear laceration injury claims, the victim should report the accident to the local Garda station where it could be discovered that the same dog has been involved in similar accidents. The victim is also advised to take photographs of the injury – one close up shot to demonstrate its severity and one from a distance to show how visible it is. Another advantage to any claim for ear laceration compensation would be to have gathered the details of any relevant witnesses.

It is strongly recommended that an experienced personal injury solicitor is engaged when pursuing any ear laceration injury claims. If you have not carried out all of the aforementioned procedures, your solicitor could help in their completion, but even if you have completed the procedures mentioned above, your solicitor would be of invaluable assistance. Most solicitors offer a free initial consultation where they can evaluate your case and determine whether your claim for ear laceration damage is worth pursuing.