Elbow Injury Compensation

How much elbow injury compensation might I be entitled to if my injury was sustained when I tripped on a street pavement?

It is impossible to determine the amount of elbow injury compensation that someone who fell in a public place may be eligible for without conducting an evaluation of your elbow damage claim. The majority of personal injury cases must first be assessed by the Injuries Board Ireland, and they will make their calculations based on the information supplied to them when you submit your application for assessment detailing the circumstances of your accident and injury, along with the results of the independent medical examination you underwent.

However, before you submit your elbow injury compensation claim to be assessed by the Injuries Board, you are highly advised to first consult a solicitor who can evaluate your claim him or herself and give you an indication of how much compensation you are likely to receive. Following that, your solicitor could assist in completing the application Form A in order to ensure that no omissions or errors are made.

The amount of elbow injury compensation you may receive when your compensation claim for elbow damage is resolved will be calculated with reference to the severity of your injury in relation to your general state of health prior to the accident, your age and – in certain cases – your sex. Also included would be the effect your elbow injury has had on your quality of life and inability to perform day-to-day tasks, along with any loss of earnings or expenses you have incurred which are attributed to your accident and subsequent injury.

You must be made aware that you will only be eligible to claim elbow injury compensation provided that it can be established that the accident in which your elbow was damaged was due to the negligence of a third party who owed you a “duty of care”. Because of the many aspects involved in making a compensation claim for elbow damage, you are recommended to discuss the circumstances of your claim with an experienced solicitor at the first possible moment, in order to obtain the maximum possible compensation for your elbow damage claim.