Electric Shock Compensation

Would I be eligible to claim electric shock compensation because of a faulty toaster? When I attempted to use the appliance during my coffee break I was electrocuted and have been in constant pain since, leaving me unable to do my job.

You should qualify for claiming electric shock compensation for being electrocuted by a work-based appliance as the toaster was evidently faulty and resulted in you suffering a severe electric shock at work. However, complications have the potential to rise when the issue of liability is brought to the fore, as proving that a third party has been negligence is an integral part of claiming compensation for an electric shock.

Employers are understandably often quick to remove the hazard if a faulty appliance has caused a work-place accident, in an effort to prevent other employees from suffering a similar fate – and a faulty toaster is more than likely not of an adequate expense to justify repairs being made. This could result in the fan being disposed of which may pose a problem in determining the exact reason behind the fault and subsequently in proving who was responsible for that fault.

Your employer may not be deemed liable in your electric shock compensation claim despite the fact that he or she allowed a faulty toaster to be used by employees in the staff kitchen area. Blame for the fault may be assigned to the manufacturer of the appliance and should this be the case in your situation, it may only be possible to make a compensation claim for an electric shock against the toaster manufacturer.

You should be aware however, that even if the toaster has been disposed of, you may still be able to claim electric shock compensation for being electrocuted by the office toaster against your employer for his or her failure to install a circuit breaker in the office kitchen area to reduce the threat of injury caused to any staff member who came in contact with live electrical kitchen appliances.

Your inability to work suggests that you have not returned to the office which may make gathering evidence for your electric shock compensation claim difficult. You would be well advised to contact an experienced personal injury solicitor to assist with the compilation of a comprehensive case file. Your claim for an electric shock at work will be thoroughly evaluated and if your case is deemed viable, your solicitor will be able to complete all of the relevant legal proceedings and documents and can submit your application for assessment to the Injuries Board Ireland on your behalf.