Ferris Wheel Accident Settlement of €16,500 for Girl

by | Feb 19, 2022

At Wexford Circuit Court Judge Alice Doyle has given her approval for a €16,500 personal injury compensation settlement  for a young girl whose hair became caught up in a Ferris wheel

In court Jessica Ruane, who described the accident that occurred when she was just 12 years old as a ‘horrible experience’. 

The legal action was taken by Jessica , with an address at Hayestown, Taghmon, Co Wexford took the injury compensation action against Lantern Events Limited and Daniel McCormick – the operators company that owned the Ferris wheel where the incident took place. Ms Ruane is now 17 years old.

During the hearing Jessica relayed how the situation came to be that her hair was stuck in the workings of the amusement. The sequence of events resulted in a portion of her hair being pulled off her head. Photographs of Jessica’s injuries were provided to Judge Doyle to assist her in considering the extent of the damage that was caused. 

The Judge was also made aware that the young girl’s hair has returned to its normal length since the accident occured and she (Jessica) has also completed a full recovery.

While recognizing that Lantern Events of 1 North Main Street, Wexford, and Daniel McCormick with an address at Tramore – the operators of the Ferris wheel – had erected warning to inform customer to tuck hair into hats the Judge referred to the first compensation settlement offer of €15,000 as ‘a little light’. She mentioned that a settlement figure of €25,000 would be more acceptable. In order to allow negotiations to continue the Judge departed to room and the two parties resumed their talks.

Following the conclusion of talks the Judge returned and was made aware, by the plaintiff’s barrister, that the compensation settlement offer had been increased to €16,500.

When questioned in relation to her satisfaction with the compensation award, Ms Ruane (who took the personal injury compensation action via her father Daniel Ruane) replied that she was happy with the new offer. Her parents, who were also present throughout the hearing,  echoed this satisfaction in relation to the €16,500 Ferris wheel compensation settlement offer.

Jessica, when she was questioned, added that the incident was ‘a horrible experience’ to the extent that she still experiences phantom pains when she describes the events that unfolded while her mother added that they would be content following the conclusion of proceeding as the whole process had gone on too long already.

Following this Judge Alice Doyle gave her approval for the personal injury compensation the settlement and awarded costs to the plaintiff. The money should be held by the Ruane family’s solicitor until she turns 18 during April 2022.

Judge Doyle expressed the wish that Jessica would use the money wisely and also wished her well for the future.


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