Herniated Disk Claims

Is it possible for people to make herniated disk claims against their boss? I slipped a disk when lifting heavy boxes at work.

It is possible for members of staff to make herniated disk claims against their employer when the employer in question can be proven to have failed in the duty of care he or she is legally obliged to provide you with under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, and if your injury was the result of said employer’s negligence.

In order for anyone to make herniated disk claims, it must be confirmed that the accident victim prioritised their health and had their injuries examined by a medical professional as soon as possible following the accident. Slipped disks are serious injuries which can easily be exacerbated without immediate treatment. Along with this, it must be noted that the amount of herniated disk compensation you may qualify for could be reduced if there is a significant gap between the date the injury occurred and when your injury was finally recorded in your medical history.

Herniated disk claims can be supported by noting the injury in the business’s “Accident Report Book” and by accessing any relevant footage recorded on CCTV. For further support, you should have gathered the details of any witnesses to the accident and even taken photographs that could suggest that poor working practices were in place.

You may still be able to claim compensation for a herniated disk, even if you did not complete all of the standard procedures. You would be strongly recommended to discuss the circumstances of your injuries with an experienced solicitor as soon after being treated medically as possible, who could recommend the best ways to deal with a herniated disk compensation claim involving your employer. Most employers and employees in this situation would like to avoid any potential conflict and would appreciate a quick and straightforward claims process.

Some employees intending on making herniated disc claims receive offers of compensation directly from their employer’s insurance company. If you have been approached with such an offer, you should refer it to your solicitor immediately who will be able to establish whether it is a fair and reasonable amount that adequately represents you injury and the effect it has had on your quality of life. Unsolicited offers from insurers tend to undercompensate the accident victim, and once you accept compensation for a herniated disk from your employer’s insurance company, you can never go back and request more.