How Much Compensation for Rear Ending my Car?

I recently suffered a whiplash injury and want to know how much compensation for rear ending my car I could receive?

“How much compensation for rear ending my car?” is an important question to ask when pursuing a personal injury claim. However, it is not the first question you should ask. The issue of liability is more prevalent in rear end accident claims since the high number of these types of cases has resulted in an increase in false whiplash claims and insurance companies are less willing to accept their policy holder’s liability. “Contributory Negligence” should also be considered; if you are found to have contributed to the severity of your injury in any way, the overall value of your claim could be significantly reduced.

However, returning to the question “how much compensation for rear ending my car?” the amount you are eligible for would be influenced by the nature of your injuries, how long your recovery may take and any financial costs you have incurred that can be attributed to the rear end crash. The physical injuries you have sustained will be assessed in relation to the Book of Quantum – a publication which assigns a financial value to a list of possible injuries – while any financial costs or loss of earnings is measured according to receipts and payslips given to the Injuries Board when you submit your application for assessment.

Accident victims are usually unaccustomed to making compensation claims and when they ask “how much compensation for rear ending my car”, they would not be likely to consider the element of “loss of amenity” which relates to the negative impact that your injuries have had on your quality of life, your ability to perform everyday activities and partake in social or leisure activities. The amount of compensation an individual receives should include this factor, but it is worth noting that very little space is allocated to accommodate this element on the application form for assessment to the Injuries Board Ireland.

Therefore, it would be worth your while engaging with an experienced solicitor who can determine whether this and all other aspects of your compensation claim are adequately presented, to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation for a rear end injury you are entitled to.