Do you need a medical negligence lawyer?

A claim for medical negligence compensation in Ireland falls outside of the remit of the Injuries Board, and claims must be pursued through the Irish courts or settled by negotiation. In order to attain the best possible medical negligence compensation settlement it is therefore advisable to use the services of medical negligence lawyers.

The law in Ireland covering medical negligence is highly complex, and determining when there has been medical negligence may not be straightforward. Even when there appears to have been a clear case of medical negligence – such as having surgery on an incorrect body part – medical negligence lawyers should still be used to pursue a claim for compensation.

Medical Negligence Lawyers Will Assess Eligibility to Claim Compensation in Ireland

Eligibility to claim medical negligence compensation in Ireland is best assessed by specialist medical negligence lawyers. Determining eligibility to claim compensation is not as straightforward as in most personal injury compensation claims, as not only does the standard criteria of having sustained an injury due to third party negligence apply, but it is also necessary to demonstrate that the standard of care provided by a medical professional was substandard and this often requires the testimony of medical professionals. It must be proven that a competent doctor would not have made the same errors under the circumstances, and that any health problems caused could have been avoided.

Medical negligence lawyers know the best specialists to consult who will be able to substantiate and strengthen a claim for medical negligence compensation in Ireland. Consulting medical negligence lawyers will not only allow a victim of medical negligence to determine their eligibility to claim compensation, but it will ensure that the strongest possible case can be prepared and presented.

Medical Negligence Lawyers and Court Litigation

Court litigation can be a daunting prospect for victims of medical negligence. The injuries which are sustained are often highly traumatic, and the prospect of having to prove that a medical professional has acted in an incompetent manner can be the cause of considerable stress.

Using medical negligence lawyers to pursue a claim for medical negligence compensation can help victims of medical errors to concentrate on recovering from their injuries. Medical negligence lawyers can often force a settlement with an insurance company, and can negotiate compensation payments without the claim having to go through the Irish courts. When medical negligence lawyers are used to pursue claims for compensation, the majority of claims do not require court litigation as settlements can be negotiated with third party insurance companies.

Free Legal Advice from Medical Negligence Lawyers in Ireland

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