How to Select Medical Negligence Solicitors in Ireland

Claims for medical negligence in Ireland can be complicated, long winded and often stressful for medical negligence victims. Proving that there has been medical negligence can be difficult, and the experience of medical negligence solicitors in pursuing medical negligence claims in Ireland on a victim´s behalf cannot be underestimated.

In order to make a successful claim for medical negligence in Ireland, medical negligence solicitors will help to prepare the strongest possible case; including seeking expert medical opinion to help substantiate any claim for medical negligence in Ireland. They will help you to prove that you have been caused harm due to the actions or inaction of medical professionals, and will help to streamline the claims process and maximise your chances of receiving your full entitlement to medical negligence compensation in Ireland.

Medical Negligence Solicitors and The Injuries Board Ireland

The Injuries Board Ireland is an independent government body which was set up to speed up the claims process. The Injuries Board Ireland assesses claims for personal injury compensation in Ireland, but will not deal with medical negligence compensation claims. Medical negligence claims in Ireland are always resolved by negotiation or dealt with by the Irish courts, and because of this medical negligence solicitors should be used to make a medical negligence claim for compensation in Ireland.

Claims for medical negligence compensation in Ireland may require litigation through the courts; however insurance company compensation settlements are commonly offered to prevent unnecessary court costs. Our medical negligence solicitors will help to negotiate an appropriate medical negligence compensation settlement with an insurance company or with the Health and Safety Executive.

Free Legal Advice From Experienced Irish Medical Negligence Solicitors

If you believe that you have been a victim of medical negligence in Ireland, we invite you to call our medical negligence solicitors for advice about claiming compensation for medical negligence injuries. Our medical negligence solicitors are highly experienced, and have helped many medical negligence victims in Ireland recover the compensation that they are entitled to claim.

Our Irish medical negligence solicitors will assess eligibility to make a claim for medical negligence compensation in Ireland, will advise you of the strength of your claim and tell you the steps you need to take next in order to preserve your right to claim compensation for your injuries.

Our medical negligence solicitors speak in plain English and will be sympathetic to your situation. All information provided will be dealt with in the strictest confidence and the advice you will receive will be accurate, impartial and up to date.

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