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Krystle Nightclub Bouncer Assault Compensation of €50,000 Awarded to Two Brothers

Posted on: August 1st, 2018

Two brothers who were assualted and beaten up by security staff outside Krystle Nightclub in Dublin have been awarded more than €50,000 personal injury compensation.

Judge Sarah Berkeley who described the assualt as a very disturbing incident, was advised by Barrister Esther Earley, counsel for the two men, that they had been queueing to get into the club in the Russell Court Hotel, Harcourt Street, Dublin in September 2015. It was at this point in time that the two brothers were assaulted by bouncers.

Ms Earley informed the court that liability had been accepted by owners of the club, Triglen Holdings Limited, and the compensation case was before the court for assessment of personal injury damages.

Legal representative for the defendents, Moira Flahive, said judgment had already been made in favour of the two plaintiffs against Senture Security Limited, Castle Drive, Citywest Road, Dublin. She also informed the court that Triglen would subsequently be taking a legal action against Senture in an attempt to recuperate damages and costs.

26-year-old James Butler, with an address at Glendown Avenue, Templeogue, Dublin, said he the attack that he had been subjected to happened when one of the bouncers assaulted suddenly and with no provocation.  He said that he believed he suffered and broken nose following a punch to the face. Mr Butler was unconscious for a short time and had been taken to St James’s Hospital for medical treatment. At hospital he was told that he may have suffered a concussion, Due to this he had to give up playing rugby regularly for his club Terenure. Judge Berkeley awarded him just under €21,000 jointly and severally against both defendants.

Conor Butler, James’ older brother, who was said to have suffered a more serious attack had also sued both defendants. He (Conor) accepted a settlement offer of €31,000. Costs were also awarded in both personal injury compensation cases.

Conor, who is employed as a tyre fitter, had submitted his compensation claim against both defendants. He claimed that he had also been struck in the face by one of the bouncers and knocked unconscious to the ground.  Following this he had been pounced upon by a number of members of the security staff.

Ms Flahive announced a personal injury compensation settlement of €31,000 in Conor’s case.

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