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Night Club Assault by Girlfriend’s Brother Results in €4,000 Workplace Compensation for Garda

Posted on: October 16th, 2018

A Garda has been awarded €4,000 workplace injury compensation after being attacked by his now brother-in-law outside a Letterkenny nightclub.

Garda Fintan Smith told High Court Judge Justice Michael Twomey that he was headbutted by the individual causing him to suffer a black eye and nose bleed. He added that following the initial attack he was sitting in the front of the Garda car when the same person, who was restrained in handcuffs in the in the rear seat, kicked him to the side of the head.

The Judge was informed that Garda Smith no longer has anything to do with his now brother-in-law, despite having ideal relations with the rest of his in-laws. Earlier this year he married the man’s sister and, despite being invited he (the assailant) his not turn up to the event. Due to the incident Garda Smith tries to avoid any family occasion if he knows that his brother-in-law is planning to be in attendance.

Legal counsel for Garda Smith, Ms Fiona Crawford, told the High Court her client had been unfortunate to have sustained an injured nose. Subsequent X-rays had revealed that Garda Smith had not suffered a bone injury.

The incident, the High Court was told, had lead to a significant amount of stress between Garda Smith and his partner. Due to the attack he missed a month of work due to the embarrassment caused. He then sought, and received, a transfer from Letterkenny to Ballybofey Garda Station. The entire episode caused Garda Smith to feel a lot of anger. He told the Judge that his now brother-in-law had been a known troublemaker at the time of the incident and was not the sort of person who would respect the gardaí or the work that they do.

Judge Twomey awarded Garda Smith workplace compensation of €4,000 for the injuries he sustained and said that believed Garda Smith’s contention that brother-in-law had a negative attitude towards gardai.

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