Tennis Elbow Claims

Can people make tennis elbow claims against their employer if their doctor confirms that the injury was caused due to over strenuous work?

It is possible for employees to make tennis elbow claims against their employer provided that the injury is proven to have been caused by the employer’s negligence. Employers have a duty of care to train their employees in safe manual labour practices and to ensure that the environment in which their staff members work is safe. If it can be established that your injury was sustained because of your employer’s failure to satisfy his or her duty of care, you may be able to claim for tennis elbow compensation.

Before tennis elbow claims can be initiated, it is necessary to complete some standard procedures. Your first priority should always be your health and given the nature of a tennis elbow injury, your doctor will have to perform a series of tests to satisfactorily diagnose your condition. You should be aware that even if you are indeed found to be suffering with tennis elbow, it may be difficult to entirely determine whether or not your injury was sustained at work.

Because of such complications, in order to pursue tennis elbow claims support will be needed from witnesses to confirm that the tasks you perform at work can be attributed to the injury you sustained and were due to incorrect training or another form of employer negligence. Your compensation claim for tennis elbow may be further supported by accessing CCTV footage and by having your injury noted in the company’s Accident Report Book.

For expert legal advice on tennis elbow claims, you would be strongly recommended to discuss details of your injury with a solicitor at the first moment possible following your diagnosis. After assessing your case and confirming its viability in the free initial consultation that most solicitors offer, your solicitor could present a preliminary indication of how much compensation you may be eligible to receive and could advise you on the best way to proceed with your compensation claim for tennis elbow.